Better Images, Better Decisions

Decision Images grew out of an Independent Rep's frustration with disappearing sample boxes, out of date and non-updated sample libraries, and the difficulty and expense of providing samples to smaller customers.

Decision Images are images, and display technologies, that replace the physical swatch during the initial decision process. This reduces the need for physical swatches to the few needed for the final choice, and eliminates the need for costly physical swatch libraries.

The resulting savings, over the physical swatch book, are significant. Our goal has been to permit 95% of the selection process to take place using digital swatches. In practice this means that the digital swatch book, whether online or on CD, can be used to "narrow down" the fabric selection to two or three swatches greatly reduceing the cost of supporting the customer.

As an added benefit Decision Images offer an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional swatchbooks. Environmental impact does not scale upward with the number of customers needing access to swatches. The financial, and environmental, costs of swatch production remains the same whether you have 10 or 10,000 customers. Distribution costs for internet delivery are negligible when compared to that required for physical swatches, and disposal cost for outdated and discontinued fabrics is eliminated entirely.

Decision Images faithfully, and economically, represents your fabric surface. This gives you the strongest possible presence in the new digital marketplace with samples that are always current, and always easy to find. Decision Images allow your customers, and their customers, to effortlessly select from your fabric line.